Hi, I'm a storyteller. But not your traditional photographer.

Good photographs aren't just pictures. They're what you'll hold onto when you're 90 when those people in those images are no longer around, or when you can no longer see your once brown hair that has now gone gray. Good photographs are memories. They are moments that you'll cherish. Good photographs tell a story. They display your relationships, your personality, & your beauty all in a flash. They tell the stories of your life. Let me help you tell your story through a creative vision that displays who you are. Let's create something fun, something that shows the badass you are.


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Welcome to my website! I'm Shelby. I'm an Indiana based photographer specializing in couples and weddings. However, I shoot a wide variety. Take a look around & see what you think! When you're ready, hit the contact link to get in touch with me. I can't wait to meet you!

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